While the management of many companies focus on profit margins, growth, and becoming large multi-discipline firms, it is the desire and focus of BEI to provide quality engineering and management services to people in local communities in partnership with their local governing Boards. Our firm is therefore people and service oriented. These Boards may be a town council, city department, or the Board of a condominium development. With over 30 years of experience in public service, BEI understands the need to properly communicate technical issues to those who will be impacted by the decision to improve service or provide new services. BEI is a good listener in the communication process. We strive to provide quality services and infrastructure improvements that will greatly enhance the quality of life in the community. BEI not only takes job assignments from the Boards, but also participates in the decision making process by providing technical input and suggestions to give direction in setting priorities. BEI therefore becomes part of your management team in strategic planning and implementation. If you are seeking a partnership for progress, you have come to the right web site of the right company.

Robert H. Brotherton, P.E., President
Brotherton Engineering, Inc.
Dunedin, Florida

Brotherton Engineering, Inc. is a consulting firm, dedicated to quality engineering and consulting services in the following areas:

• Downtown redevelopment including but not limited to planning and design services for streetscape, traffic calming, utility improvements, special pedestrian transportation zoning, street lighting, signage, parking, and other special features that promote community pride, identification and economic development. Preparation of development standards, implement mixed-use zoning, new and revised ordinances and other direct assistance to cities interested in the development or redevelopment of their downtown.

• Master planning, ordinance development, implementation strategy, design, cost estimates, and construction management services for water, wastewater, reclaimed water, stormwater drainage, road construction and undergrounding of existing overhead power and telecommunication lines. Also provide “Value Engineering” services to review the design work provided by other consultants, contractors, and agencies.

• Development of utility operator, construction, and maintenance training programs.

• Development of 5-year business plans for municipal operations including recommendations on organizational structure and manpower requirements.

• Administrative and process evaluation assistance for Public Works and Utility operations. Strategic Planning for government operations.

• Process design specifications and system evaluations for Reverse Osmosis water treatment systems, wastewater treatment systems, well development, water and wastewater pumping systems, water transmission/distribution systems, wastewater collection systems including pipe lining, smoke testing and Infiltration/Inflow analysis.

• Provide direct contracted engineering and administrative staff services to County and Municipal Government agencies and Condominium Boards.

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